Our goal

The goal of this site is to provide online merchants with a comprehensive overview of the recent global payment trends. Some aspects of this domain are very well known and plenty of information on them is available. Others are fairly new for the merchant community and their analytics can hardly be found. Many questions related to payment processing in countries which didn’t belong to the eCommerce frontier in the first decade of this century become very common now when eCommerce has made a large step towards new geographies such as China, Russia and South America. Completely different buyer mentality, unfamiliar set of payment methods, FX exposure, regulatory and licensing hurdles, and logistics and fulfillment difficulties – these are just a few challenges that a global merchant comes with nowadays. While technology lets pushing the envelope of global trade, other services utilized by market players require a major resource investment.

In every country shoppers and merchants are different from those in other countries. So are their preferred payment methods. While most of the North American and European shoppers feel absolutely comfortable placing an order on a website which only accepts Visa® or MasterCard® credit cards, shoppers from China would prefer CUP debit cards, Russian customers would need an offline cash terminal, and Brazilian buyers would pay in a Post Office. These payment methods are called Alternative Payments and are currently being adopted by the major global merchant as part of their payment acceptance practices.

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