Qiwi bought a cloud platform developement company – Flocktory

chris-davis-9963 The Qiwi payment system has acquired Flocktory, a cloud platform developer for social marketing. The price of the acquisition is 830 million rubles.

Flocktory has created the SaaS platform for managing and personalizing the user’s life cycle. Qiwi paid 832.8 million rubles for an 80 percent stake in Flocktory.

The remaining 20 percent still belongs to Flocktory founders and top management. Flocktory describes itself as a platform for referral marketing on social networks that easily integrates with any engine for online shops. Flocktory helps to create effective strategies for social interaction with a target audience and, as a result, increase sales.

The company has offices in Moscow and Madrid (capital of Spain). The founders of the company are Ilya Aizen, Simon Project and Dmitry Matskevich. In 2013, Flocktory raised an investment of $1.5 million from Digital Ventures Partners.

Qiwi annual returns in 2016

Qiwi has also announced its financial results for the 2016. The company has adjusted revenue increased by 4 percent year-on- year to 10.6 billion rubles; the adjusted EBITDA (pre-tax profit, interest on loans and depreciation expenses) increased by 7 percent to 6 billion rubles.

Qiwi buys developer of the marketing cloud platform in social networks The adjusted net profit increased by 14 percent to 4.7 billion rubles. At the same time, the total volume of payments that went through Qiwi decreased by 2 percent to 847 billion rubles. The number of payment terminals, including the Contact and Rapida payment terminals purchased by Qiwi in 2015, decreased by 6 percent to 162.2 due to tighter policies at the Central Bank.

The number of active Qiwi Visa electronic wallets grew by 7 percent to 17.2 million. Qiwi credits this to the increasing number of services the wallet supports and the improved usability of the service. Payment for communication through Qiwi decreasing by segments, the largest volume of payments accounted for financial services – 263 billion rubles. (Compared to 2015, it increased by 20 percent.) Money transfers increased by 9 percent to 184 billion rubles. Electronic commerce grew by 14 percent to 143 billion rubles, while telecommunications decreased by 25 percent to 199 billion rubles.

Qiwi made the most money – 3.99 billion rubles – in the e-commerce segment. (Growth during the year was 16 percent.) The largest growth during the year – 38 percent – took place in financial services, where revenues totaled 1.38 billion rubles. Money transfer revenues amounted to 1.96 billion rubles (14 percent growth) while telecommunications revenues decreased by 20 percent to 880 million rubles.

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