Putin VS Visa, Mastercard

Putin: Russia will create its own payment system

Such a statement the president made at a meeting with members of the Board of the Federation Council . Putin referred to the global experience and cited the example of Japan and China. He said that there national payment systems work very well : ” They originally started as a purely national, closed on its market, its territory , its population , and is now gaining in popularity .”

The president noted that the system introduced in Japan, now operates in 200 countries worldwide. ” Why do we do this ? Necessary to do it , and we will do it , “- said Vladimir Putin .

Despite this , the creation of such a system requires time, but the president assured that the central bank together with the government set to work . Earlier, the chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Budget and Financial Markets Sergey Riabukhin expressed confidence that the national payment system in Russia can be created by the summer .

Japan currently is active payment system JCB (Japan Credit Bureau). JCB cards you can use in many countries , including the U.S., UK , Germany, Australia , Italy and Spain .

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