Mobile banking Big Bang!

Online banking in the United States today enjoys more than 50 % of the adults , but its growth is gradually slowing down. Mobile banking , by contrast, is developing rapidly.

The research group Pew Research Center conducted a major survey of U.S. residents to find out their attitudes towards online and mobile banking . According to the survey , 51% of the U.S. adult population currently uses the services of online banking. This represents approximately 61% of the total number of Internet users in the country. Thus, online banking has finally managed to overcome the psychological barrier of 50 % of users , about which he held from 2010

Overall, however, analysts say that the development of Internet banking has slowed in recent years. But mobile banking, by contrast, is booming : in 2011, the number of users has doubled. Thus, according to the survey , 35% of mobile device owners are now using mobile banking customers . Two years ago that figure was only 18 %.

In Russia the development of forms of distance banking services is somewhat slower , experts say. “In Russia , too, there is a trend increase in the number of customers who prefer the remote service channels , but the growth rate is much lower , our country lags behind Europe for 5 years . According to some studies, mobile and internet banking in the last year took only one in seven Russians


published by CNews

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