Kazakhstan: the number of transactions with payment cards increased by 12.6%

In May 2013 the volume of transactions using payment cards of issuers increased by 12.6% to 546.8 billion tenge (compared with May 2012 was 15.5%). The number of transactions for May 2013 totaled 18.5 million transactions, and increased compared to May of 2012 by 12.6%. The growth in the number and amount of non-cash payments amounted to 31.3% (the number was 4.7 million transactions) and 12.7% (v 76.4 billion tenge), and transactions of cash withdrawal 7.4% (number of amounted to 13.8 million transactions) and 16.0% (volume amounted to 470.4 billion tenge), respectively, reported at the end of last week, the National Bank of Kazakhstan.

The main share of non-cash payment is made through POS-terminals (47.8% and 63.3% of the total number and volume of non-cash payments) and ATM (34.7% and 23.4%, respectively). Operations for the issuance of cash mainly perpetrated by ATMs (97.9% and 88.9% of the total number and volume of transactions for the issuance of cash).

As of June 1, 2013 banks issued 13.5 million payment cards, and the number of holders of cards made – 11.9 million people (compared to the situation on the same date in 2012 – an increase of 24.9% and 20.9 %, respectively). The most common are debit cards, the proportion is 78.3%, the share of credit cards – 18.9%, the share of debit cards with a credit limit and prepaid cards are 1.3% and 1.5%, respectively.

As of June 1, 2013 of issuing payment cards actually carry 24 banks and joint-stock company “Kazpochta.” These organizations produce and distribute cards of international payment systems (which account – 95,2%): VISA International, MasterCard Worldwide, American Express International and China Union Pay. In addition, banks in Kazakhstan issue payment cards of local systems: Altyn Card – JSC “Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan”; SmartAlemCard – “BTA Bank” and a local card Citibank Kazakhstan – JSC “Citibank Kazakhstan”.

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