By 2018: over a third of the world’s online sales will be made in Asia

In the next five years, Asian e-commerce market will take a leading position in the world due to the rapidly growing internet penetration, over a third of the world’s online sales will come from this region.

Analysts forecast the company, providing services in the delivery of goods from online stores U.S. and other countries in the next few years, the balance of power in the B2C segment of the global e-commerce market can change. Leading positions take the Asian market, surpassing the North American and European. Here we will be more than a third of the world’s online sales.

“At the present time, the first place in terms of sales in the B2C owned North American market, the second – the European, the Asian market is the third largest. The situation has changed in the next couple of years: the Asian market will grow faster than other regions, confidently stepping forward, “- says the head of the Russian representation Maxim Andrjukhin.

The main driver of the growth of e-commerce will be the Asian rapid internet penetration. Especially fast this process will be in China and India. Today in Asia are a worldwide network on average no more than 25% of the population, whereas in Europe and the U.S. Internet penetration is over 70%. While now the number of Internet users in Asia than those in America and Europe combined.

Among the markets of individual countries in the first place in terms of B2C-selling U.S. will, believe in A leader of this country will provide a higher average check and a well-developed infrastructure parcel.

Russian consumers to changes associated with the growth of the Asian market e-commerce, will be reflected in the best way, because they will be able to more choices and savings. Meanwhile, the goods from the Asian online stores, mostly from China and Hong Kong are now only about 20% of total foreign purchases of Russians, while the U.S. is the leader with a market share of over 50%. In the total volume of orders China and Hong Kong is a small fraction – about 10.1%. In the long term, the company does not rule out the possibility of the rise of Asian destinations.

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