Swiss Foundation Pluribus Optimum plans to invest over 100 million euros in Russian e-commerce market.

Swiss company Optimus Management AG, private equity fund Pluribus Optimum, plans by the end 2015. to invest 100 million euros in projects in the field of electronic commerce, processing, document management, billing and organization of payment for e-commerce, as well as 3PL-logistics in Russia and later in the CIS countries.

As the company says, for three years Pluribus Optimum plans to invest in 20-25 projects in Russia. Plans for this stock in the near future to create a representation in Russia by acquiring control of one of the players in this market. The Fund will focus on buying distressed and undervalued assets (equities and debt) in Russia and the CIS countries mainly in the e-commerce and 3PL-logistics.

“Internet industry in Russia is growing rapidly, fueled by a growing number of Internet users and the increased demand for online services and the development of e-commerce market. Moreover, Russia has a unique situation here closely examine the markets of Europe, USA, Asia, based on their original ideas. This market is not yet consolidated, especially for foreign investment, “- said General Director of Pluribus Optimum Fund Mike Romanoff.

Pluribus Optimum – a private equity fund, established in March 2011. to invest in the fast growing leading companies and emerging sectors of the economy of Russia and the CIS. Fund managed by Optimus Management AG, founded in 2009. Pluribus Optimum provides medium and long-term investments in mid-cap companies that do business in different sectors of the economy. In Russia, the fund plans to focus on the promising and growing industry of electronic commerce.

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