How to achieve consumer confidence to the online store?

Let’s say you, as the owner of your own business online, has developed a website for the sale of certain products and have done so for science, according to the rules of etiquette and “usability” for online stores. You have placed a competent contextual advertising and according to metrics attract a sufficient number of visitors to the site, but the baskets still remain empty. Why would it? Check, maybe you do not trust?

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Now the market for e-commerce is that users fundamentally changed their attitude to buying online, yes – it’s convenient, cheaper, easier, yet, at times, dangerous. We are afraid of spam attacks, viruses, poor service, fraud. Therefore, owners of online shops is so important to take all possible measures to reduce the level of distrust of visitors to the site.

Council first. No need to hide. And it’s not just about all the contact information, which should be in any self-respecting online store. The site should have a human face, because people are used to dealing with people. Submit your site in person, on the page “about us” Put pictures of staff with whom to communicate customers and their contacts that visitors feel your support. If possible, let your product is any famous person, it also increases the level of confidence in the company.

Council second. Demonstrate professionalism. Your customers need to know and understand that they are dealing with a serious company that has all the ingredients for a quality work. First, the direct access to the company, or to the heads of the main directions (if the company is large). Page with contacts should be well framed, phone, email, physical address of the company – do not hide this information. Secondly, you have to be organized customer service that can respond to their questions. This can be a well-organized FAQ, where the store is responsible for frequently asked questions site visitors.

Tip three. Does not matter what you say about yourself, it is important – what others say. Write about yourself, you can anything like the praise now few believe a lot more people trust the opinions of other people, so forums are so popular. Make sure that your site has a section “reviews”, and that it allows the administration of the site to respond to the views of users. Check to see whether his regular visitors. Moreover, it is a very popular social network, give your customers the ability to share information about the items you like (true for consumer goods).

Tip Four. Exception handling. Even if you sverhkachestvenny product and delivery service is working perfectly, there will always be a client, and for some reason want to return an item. It is therefore desirable to describe in detail on the website framework for the return of goods, for whose account it is and how to return the money in this case the buyer. Also tell us about all the fees and taxes, shipping costs, so that the client knows exactly what the final amount he would have to pay for the selected products. Better, of course, all these extra fees immediately include in the price of goods, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises for the client.

Tip five. If any of your partners are famous companies, such as payment systems, delivery services, lines of credit from different banks present them on the home page. The more of your partners well-known companies – the better.

In short, be closer to your customers and they to you pulled.

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