Behavior of buyers in online shops

Sales – incredibly interesting thing with a million tricks, techniques, and other tricks that sellers used to use. Only now the process is rapidly shifting to online, where the lead and “rock” by traditional methods, since the vector of the decisive factors dramatically changed direction from personal sales to a virtual shopping, where a decisive role in the decision to purchase is the site.


That is why the knowledge of the psychology of visitors are getting more important – improvisation in the online store is almost impossible, all you need to consider every detail in advance to each potential customer chose it to your advantage.
To understand how the visitor thinks, what he pays attention and how to make the site won his heart, I propose to consider the key types of consumer behavior on the network. The basis of this classification model laid temperament types (choleric, sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic). Do not forget that, as a rule, “clean” members of certain facial features do not, so the article will be described, as it were, clinical cases.
1. Choleric type of behavior
Active. Impatient. Determined. Irritable. Often – a perfectionist. Demanding not only to themselves but also to others, and to meticulousness. He does not tolerate blunders and missteps. Vindictive. Unstable. Susceptible to all the new and unique. Willing to pay a round sum for the fact that, in his opinion, will emphasize its individuality and high social status.
Motto: “You have three seconds to win my interest. The clock is ticking ”
How does the online store? Knows exactly what he wants. And if they do not know, never let it be recognized. Due to the fact that he hates to wait, will not forgive you confused catalog, failures in the basket or long processing the order – in short, all that could be seen as an attempt to waste his precious time. Loves to view sections of the “New”, “Exclusive», «VIP», etc. Even putting the goods in the basket, can dramatically change your mind – either has attracted something else, or to simply decided to do without it.
How to make it to the buyer? Be sure to post in conspicuous places partitions the bait with the news, exclusive goods – that will make it clear choleric, that you have something to offer. Organize excellent feedback system support – everything to do with communication with the client. Offers him new items before you place them in the directory – so he will feel the importance and thank basket full of orders.
2. Phlegmatic type of behavior
Calm. Patient. Unhurried. Careful. Displays of emotion you are unlikely to live to see it. Decisions are made carefully, thought out, analyzed all the “+” and “-“. He likes to ask questions. First of all important to him the facts. He likes to teach, advise and give its expert opinion in the form of oral speech or writing reviews, articles or reviews.
Motto: “Prove to me that it is really useful and necessary”
How does the online store? The first looks interesting goods peer reviews, reviews on forums and directories. Rarely immediately buys – first, he must make sure that the choice is correct, and he did not lose sight of: the cost to performance. When the emotional qualities of the product it is not interested. Writes frequently on sites detailed article about his experience of operation of a product.
How to make it to the buyer? Add the product page customer feedback, give the opportunity to publish full reviews, peer reviews, and other materials. After all, they influence the decision of the phlegmatic to buy from you. Show him the numbers or statistical reports, if it involves the specifics of your work – so you will win the location entirely. Remember, phlegmatic not immediately make a decision to buy, so take care of the system of reminders and stimulate repeat visits to the site, for example, offer to subscribe for useful expert articles about your products.
3. Melancholic type of behavior
Impressionable. Impulsive. Vulnerable. Indecisive. Influenced by public opinion. Slave. He does not like to take risks. Before making a choice, ask a hundred friends for their opinion.
Motto: “Do you think I need?”
How does the online store? First of all, looking for something that is in demand and popular with others. Because of his indecision needs additional incentive: a call to action, tips, bright signs “Pick of the Year”, “Best”, “Best Seller”.
How to make it to the buyer? Since melancholic risk not used, he buys proven social experience goods. Place the pages of their online store special blocks “Bestsellers”, “recommended that the client», «The best» and so on. Also work well recommendations, such as “buy this product” – so you come to the idea of ​​”it’s just another useful, therefore, I should try.” Be sure to keep a melancholic feedback – otherwise might feel useless and forgotten, to harbor resentment and more to you do not come back!
4. Sanguine type of behavior
Straightforward. Talkative. Determined. Friendly. Energetic. Often scattered and not very attentive. With easy to contact. Like being admired, recognize his genius. Bright, unusual, original things – his weakness.
Motto: “Give me the juice!”
How does the online store? First of all he is interested in the product design: original design, the unusual shape, interesting pictures, an intriguing title – all this is much more important than the detailed description. He likes to look in the directory for hours, sending your favorite items in your cart. Then, long filters that really like the fact that chose impulsively. As a result, places an order, but with considerably less maintenance.
How to make it to the buyer? Build a competent system of presentation of products: large high-quality images, readable descriptive text with a focus on the main points, to sharpen the focus on the unique properties of the product. Group your products are not just the type, color and direction, and in more creative and unusual collections, such as “Technology for the Soul”, “Clothes for energizers” or “Books for ideas.”
Results of
Due to the fact that the buyer can be any representative of types listed in the development of an online store is to pay attention to all the key levers to control the behavior of each. Here comes to help a sound strategy, attention to detail, thorough knowledge of the psychology of usability and visitor behavior.

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