Credit Cards will disappear in 50 years

Four years later the POS-terminal market may become a non-contact, experts say. And after 50 years, may disappear credit cards as well and be replaced by a system of biometric identification and cloud technologies.

According to experts, is the market for payment systems is observed widespread use of non-cash payments. The introduction of contactless payment and NFC will be a natural scenario for acquiring. But we shouldn’t wait for too rapid disappearance of the “plastic”, the next 50 years you can still pay by plastic cards. But even at this time to identify the buyers we will use a picture of the iris, fingerprints and payment technologies are transformed into cloud.

In Russia, on the introduction of these technologies are already thinking some lenders. In particular, last year, plans to launch biometric ATMs informed customers in retail “daughter” of VTB 24 Bank Summer. First deputy chairman of the Bank of Summer Georgy Gorshkov said that in 2013 it is planned to test the new technology. Also, according to RBC daily, thousands of ATMs with biometric readers ordered for himself Sberbank.

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