Visa and MasterCard in Russia no longer need advertising

Visa and MasterCard have sharply reduced advertising activity in Russia. This is evidenced by an assessment of their budgets to promote the services, made by Media First based on TNS Media Intelligence. Over the past year, Visa has reduced advertising costs ten times, and MasterCard – five times.

After three quarters of this year to promote financial services in Russia payment system Visa sent 12 million rubles, MasterCard – 23 million rubles, respectively. For the same period of 2011, the relevant amount will be 126 million and 108 million.

Declining trend in the share of expenditures on advertising both brands there since 2006, says research director at Media agency Ivan Vekhov. In 2006, the MasterCard payment system was the largest advertiser of financial services in Russia with a share of 8.7%. Visa also included in the top five, with 4.6%.

Even last year, the share accounted for 1.6% of MasterCard and Visa – 1,9%. In 2012, the share of the direct costs of both brands has not exceeded 0,5% (0,3% – MasterCard, 0,1% – Visa).

Ivan Vekhov stresses that cost reduction was mainly due to non-use of television advertising. Its share in the budget MasterCard, designed to promote services in Russia, accounted for 98%, while Visa – 88%. This year, the channel distribution of financial services in the advertising budgets of both payment systems are not provided.

Reduction of advertising activity Visa and MasterCard due to the fact that their brands today are often mentioned in advertising banks, says Director of Development Research Center of payment and settlement systems Anton Pukhov.

In the Media First confirm that in the wake of the general growth of advertising spending in the last two years has increased dramatically and the number of advertisements that mention brands of payment systems. Thus, in the first three quarters of 2012 MasterCard brand appeared in 10% of all messages that promote financial services (for example, the bank “Russian Standard”, “Messenger”, TCS), Visa – 3% (Sberbank, VTB, “Uralsib” , Master-Bank).

Payment system, after already attracted a number of customers – banks, has the opportunity in the future, through their advertising messages, promote their services, says Anton Pukhov: “Along with that payment systems can co-finance bank card programs that benefit the latter, as they also reduce its budget for the promotion of the product. ”

Banks also benefit from the mention in their advertisements known payment systems. As pointed out by the Director of the Department of the Bank of Credit Card “Home Credit” Anton SERGUN, mention the brand of the payment system allows the client to increase the motivation to make a particular bank card due to the fact that he had previously been formed on this payment system definition.

Posted by Roman Mikhaelov

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