Visa announces the results of market research of payment industry in Russia

The company announced results of a study Visa “Visa e-Commerce Consumer Monitor Research 2012”, held in the form of online-survey from March to June 2012 study surveyed respondents – Internet users between 18 and 55 years, selected on the basis of age, sex, and the annual income of the family, about their habits and behavior when shopping online.

The survey showed that 87% of surveyed Internet users in Russia ever tried to shop online. In 2012, their number increased by 30% compared with the previous 2011, when only 57% of the respondents made online payments. The main categories, which enjoyed the greatest demand in the network of steel – paying bills, buying clothes, shoes and accessories, as well as cosmetics and personal care. Almost half of payments (45%) committed on the Internet, we have the category of “Bills.”

Results of the study found that nearly 46% of respondents viewed only products online, but purchases are made in stores. Most shoppers who made purchases so viewed in the online store of household appliances and electronics. In this case, those who view the product online as a result nevertheless bought it in stores, among others the following factors, which they fear when buying from an online store:

purchased product does not match the specs – said 56% of respondents;
product is damaged or defective – said 55% of respondents;
uncertainty about the reliability of the store 38% of respondents expressed.

Also during the study analyzed the use of mobile devices for online payments. In general, people use it to buy movie tickets (14% of all payments), online games (14%) and for the payment of bills (also 14%). Also, in 11% of mobile devices used for payment of digital content.

Geography Number of Russians goes far beyond the country. So the most popular countries of origin of Russian Internet users bought goods in 2012 were the United States, Britain and Japan.

“We are seeing strong growth in the use of Visa cards on the Internet, which is about two times higher than the general increase in turnover on Visa cards in shops, 54% on June 30, 2012 for 12 months compared to the previous year. This trend is due to the fact that, thanks to the efforts of Visa and our partner banks in payment Internerte become safer, and consumers have more confidence in online payments, “said Stephen Parker (Steven Parker), General Manager of Visa in Russia, CIS and South- Eastern Europe.


Much attention has been paid to security of online payments. Compared to two years before 70% of respondents believe that now pay for the Internet has become safer. Due to the state of security of 62% of respondents have made more purchases in the past 12 months. The main reasons for the increased security of online transactions, are additional measures used to protect online payments, such as Verified by Visa (69%), and measures to protect against fraud, provided by banks and online stores (50% of respondents). Among the major factors due to which people trust the system Verified by Visa, were identified high levels of security and availability of one-time passwords.

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