5 tips to start your own business in Internet.

Many people dream of earning online. Most of the dream did make an attempt to start a business on the web.


But after a while, almost all disappointed to go away. And there are only very few who work and earn.

Why? The reason is simple and banal. People just do not have the knowledge and skills to “Internet entrepreneur” never taught, and independently develop all the details can not everyone.

The more that those who know something and can not hurt something and share their secrets.

In this paper, we describe a few basic points (call them steps), which take into account the basic requirements and the conditions for doing business in the network.

1. How do people start their business offline – real life? The first thing they do is look for a room – for offices, shops, warehouses, etc. So, the role of the Internet in the room itself takes site.

People come here, look, read, buy. Just like in a regular store. More recently – just a few years ago in order to make a decent site, needed knowledge and skills of professional – the programmer.

Today, you can do it yourself with a host of free “engines” and information on how to make a web site.

Not only that, we still had to have the makings of a designer, and much more. Most people buy ready sites for professional studios or single professionals, and do not bother about it.

Now the situation has changed completely, and anyone can make a website for your taste and needs. To be quite frank too – you can make a professional website in just a few hours.

2. The next step in the usual business – a search marketer of your products, or a shop. The site feature the seller takes on content and advertising. So writing quality material for the site is not to be sniffed at.

If you do not know or can not write themselves, will have to hire a specialist. Even if you have a site on meganavorochenny samopisnaya engine with superdizaynom, offering first-class product, and while the content is not on the level – you will definitely fail.

Content tells the buyer about the product, content advertises it, it works for you 24 hours a day. Therefore, filling the site should be given special attention.

3. In a typical store takes money from the buyers seller. On the site, the seller, of course, not.

Your task is to provide potential customers the most convenient and easy way to pay. Ideally, the site should offer several payment methods, such as cash, bank or postal money order and credit card.

Remember, people do not like to wait long. So take care of quick delivery. If this is not the material goods (eg, software), the delivery should be immediate.

At first glance, to follow these requirements difficult, and even impossible. It is not. When you understand all the nuances of payment systems, and install the program on the resource – a robot for automatic payment, you will see for yourself.

4. What would you do to your store (offline) has become known to buyers? Probably would have booked a beautiful drawing attention sign, would give the ads in the newspaper or on the local radio station. On the internet for this kind of action has a name – optimization.

After all, at your best site with excellent design and killer content should reach the people, is not it? And how do they know of the existence of your beautiful life?

And did not know, until you “roll” and not adapting a search engine queries. In this case, use of the site will not be, and it is born, so to speak, “stillborn.”

5. But this point should be put at the beginning, because it is called “what to sell online?. If you are a successful businessman in real life, and just want to expand their customer base through the Internet, then this section is not mandatory. Well, if not, then your service three options.

The first – to sell someone else’s product or service. There is a search engine. Type in the “affiliate program”, and learn everything you need on this kind of income.

The second option – to sell something. In this case, you will receive all the profits, not the commission, as is the case with the affiliate program. Of course, if you have something to sell.

And third, the ideal – it is a combination of sales of the goods and the goods in affiliate programs.

Posted by Roman Mikhaelov

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