France wants to control tax evasion in the European E-commerce

Fleur Pellerin (Fleur Pellerin), the digital economy minister of France considers that it is necessary to accelerate  measures to harmonize taxation applicable to online commerce sites.


Fleur Perrelin reported that the French government is in discussion with the European partners need to accelerate the timetable for the introduction of measures to harmonize taxation of e-commerce in Europe. “Different VAT rates in different countries create unequal conditions for competition,” – he said. “We do not have to wait until 2019,” when the period of eligibility expires and immediately impose a single rate of VAT.

Amazon, for example, pays a zero rate of VAT because it Headquartered in Luxembourg.

On the other hand, market participants are afraid of “overshoot” (over-regulation) of the market, which can vynuditit them to “vote with their feet” or mouse.

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