In Europe, the first published report on the crimes committed with the use of plastic cards.

Report highlighting the situation of fraud in the use of plastic cards, prepared by Eurosystem. The structure of this department consists of 17 European Central Bank and the ECB. The report noted that over the past five years, the volume of illegal manipulation of the cards surely reduced. First of all, it helps increase process safety, used by banks for transactions.

Experts analyzed the information that is relevant to payments made by plastic cards in the so-called zone of SEPA. There are about 460 million people. It includes the whole European Union, as well as countries such as Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Monaco and Switzerland. The report traces the period 2007-2010. Online payments, which can be attributed to fraudulent schemes, dropped significantly in 2010. Compared with 2009, these cases was 12.1% lower. Payments are carried out by fraudsters, have led to the damage of 1.26 billion euros. The total volume of transactions per year is about 3 trillion euros. Online payments held for criminal purposes, have been using the 1.2% plastic cards, which were issued in SEPA.

Only 1/6 of the crime was carried out through ATMs. But on the CNP-transaction (card-not-present) accounted for more than half of the fraud. Approximately one third of crimes committed by criminals POS-terminals.

However, despite such serious figures, analysts say confidently that the new safety standards are embedded in the payment infrastructure, will significantly reduce this type of crime. However, these measures do not help secure payments over the Internet, which are conducted without the use of plastic cards (CNP-transaction). Therefore, cardholders should be very careful when buying goods on the sites of little-known stores and companies.

Organized crime is with interest to this segment of the financial market. To counter fraudsters need the cooperation of all stakeholders. This applies to banks, payment systems and card holders themselves.

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