WorldPay: airlines lose revenue due to online fraud

66% of airlines around the world, selling tickets over the Internet, record increases in fraud, as they lose 1.5% of revenue for online orders from criminal transactions. This report presents information Perfect Passenger Payment, payment prepared by WorldPay. Soon, this figure could increase by 29%, as many airlines reported incidents of fraud in the past year increased.

The good news for airlines is that their customers are willing to enforce the security when purchasing tickets online. 71% of consumers would prefer a slow payment process with more stringent security checks than a quick process with a small number of tests.

MakGriskin Phil (Phil McGriskin), Director of Product WorldPay, commented on the results of the study: “The profit airline continues to decline due to rising fuel prices and environmental constraints. While carriers continue to lose a significant portion of the proceeds from ticket sales due to online fraud. Consumers, however, understand the need for tighter security measures, so the airlines have to be more vigilant in relation to cyber crime without the risk of losing customers. ”

Among the key results of the study Perfect Passenger Payment also includes the fact that 84% of airlines plan to expand the list of types of air travel in the next two years. It is interesting that 58% of consumers would like to pay for their flights using their mobile devices. Only 22% of the airline’s website gives customers choose the currency to pay for the ticket if the order is made from abroad.

Analysis of the data shows that the biggest challenge for the airline is to avoid making a purchase – nearly a quarter of online shoppers admitted that interrupted the process of placing an order. As for the causes of this phenomenon, it is more than half of the airline thinks that consumers do so because they find a cheap flight options, but only 7% of consumers say that this is what caused them to cancel the purchase. At the same time, 36% of respondents reported that discontinued operations due to hidden additional tax, the amount of which it appears in the later stages of the order, but only 6% of airlines have suggested such an option.

Perfect Passenger Payment report was commissioned by WorldPay to research company Loudhouse and released in February 2012. The document is formed on the basis of Internet survey 4500 consumers in the UK, the U.S., China, Japan, Brazil, Finland, Spain, Germany and France, to buy tickets online for the past 12 months. List of respondents from the service included 51 employees of the airline responsible for the payment process online in their airlines, which were also interviewed on the Internet.

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