Visa attracted 50 financial institutions to promote digital wallet

Visa announced that more than 50 financial institutions signed up for the promotion of its digital wallet by Visa to its customers.

Currently allows cardholders to make payments online without entering your card details, delivery address and billing address. Instead, they simply enter the user name and password. Users can choose to make payments to a Visa card or no-Visa. Possible payment NFC, are expected to be added in 2013.

However, 53 financial institutions hold cardholder base close to 55 million people, said Visa. A total of 23 stores have agreed to accept, including 1-800-Flowers,,, and Blue Nile.

“Do you go to the shops in search of holiday gifts or buy something for yourself, now available in the United States to all who are looking for an easier, safer and more personalized shopping experience on the Internet,” said Jennifer Schultz (Jennifer Schulz) , head of e-commerce Visa. “ built around a single concept, to help people to make purchases from online stores easily and safely. We understand this need, and we believe that our long-standing relationships with financial institutions, shops and Visa acquirers create a leading position to provide the best experience of the digital wallet. “

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