Published amount of MasterCard commision in Russia

According to the recently adopted law “On the national payment system,” all working in the field of up to 1 January 2013 will have to make public all the data relating to its rate and amount of payment of commission services. However, some payment systems provided such data before the mentioned date. This was the first-born in the MasterCard, officially publish them for all to see. As it turned out, the cost of services is significantly higher than that of the Russian payment systems. However, one can hardly expect a mass migration from one system to another. After all, the main criterion is most often not the size of the Commission, and the degree of reliability.

What is the fee for merchants accepting debit cards in Russia? Differences for the Commission’s sector size is different. In the case of purchases at supermarkets store will have to pay from 1.3 to 2.1% of the purchase. With benzozaprvaki take 1.1 – 2.1% commission. On average, the fee shall be charged to retailers is approximately 1.4%. However, the Commission of course in the end still not paid payment systems, and customers. Here, in particular, includes paid acquirer (the bank servicing the transaction), the issuer (the company that produced plastic card), the commission, called interchendzhem.

Despite the fact that many of the international payment system yet published data on their commission for working with them, their size banks are not secret. So, Visa for the use of their cards takes about as much, and MasterCard. For comparison, that the Russian payment systems NCC (National Credit Card) and “Golden Crown” Commission several times smaller, namely 0.5%.

In response to accusations of overstating the value of tariffs company representatives say that their sizes are approximately equal to those that operate in other countries. As regional director of MasterCard Europe A.Malinovsky, in the determination of the commission is taken into account many factors. And these factors in different countries may vary, and quite significantly.

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