The growth of e-commerce has a significant impact on retail market

Analytical study on the impact of electronic commerce on the retail sales annually confirm that online shopping, if not supplant traditional trade, are very eager to catch up with them (and sometimes surpass the popularity). Of course, compare the scope of sale of goods through major supermarket chains and regular stores with volumes of Internet sales is rather pointless (they, of course, in favor of the former), but, as the statistics show, many buyers have become stalwarts of virtual shopping.

At a meeting in this year’s Global Summit on Electronic Commerce, held in the capital city of Catalonia (Spain), was covered by a number of questions related to the impact of Internet sales in the retail sector. Frederick Flayshman representative GfK Group (German society of consumer research, which has branches in many countries), spoke about global trends in the virtual trade. According to him, in the modern system of retail commerce is now no separate models of successful sales. They were replaced by hybrid options that quickly gain the trust of consumers. And in order to bring the maximum business profits, the most sophisticated model is the combination of retail and online sales.

According to the experts GfK Group today more than two billion people use the virtual space, and Internet payments have become common and affordable way to pay. It is interesting that in the last five years, the percentage of implementation of technical products through the network increased by more than two and a half times. A rising trend in demand for products from online stores, and fast online payment, forcing businesses to rethink their approach to the retail trade, and possibly combine it with e-commerce. To help them come to the international payment systems by which customers do not have problems with the conduct of monetary operations. Promoting its products through a worldwide network of many well-known brands have not only increased interest in it, but also raised their retail sales.

Posted by Roman Mikhaelov

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