Card payment system will give way to alternative billing?

Recent research corporation WorldPay (a global leader in payment processing) in the field of alternative payments (AP) allowed her to conclude – ALTERNATIVE PAYMENTS overtake cards by 2015.

Studies have shown that the market for alternative payments is growing at a tremendous pace. The total turnover of these electronic transactions exceeded 165 billion euros to 22% of all transactions. Despite the huge variety of schemes have been allocated AP main ones and it is – an offline credit transfer, wire transfer, real-time direct debits, “paper” payments, electronic wallets and mobile payments.

The growth rate of each type of alternative payment rather volatile. For example, now the first place in the list are purses, covering 36% of the market. And although the bank transfers accounted for only 12% of the payments in real time, it is expected that their share at least 20% within three years.

According to the number of transactions on the Alternative Payments first in the world is Germany. In this country, the share of AP accounts for 66% of all transactions committed in e-commerce, which is 45 billion. Among the preferred schemes AP first in Germany go off-line transfers, followed by direct debit method of payment (ELV) and close the list of virtual credit cards.

In India, such methods are leading online payment as payment through Internet banking. Second in popularity is mobile payments, because in this country there are many owners of “smart” phones.

China is dominant payment system Alipay covering 60% of the market. The share of cash payments is 20%. International payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard are beginning to yield its position credit card UnionPay, whose number exceeded their credit cards combined.

According to opinion of WorldPay growing popularity AP offers great opportunities for trading companies in the field of e-commerce. All they need – is to give customers the option of payments, which for him is most preferred.

Posted by Roman Mikhaelov

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