The Russians leave a great deal on foreign Internet payments

Citibank experts conducted another study, which covers information on the amount of expenses of Russian residentss in the current year. Already, it can be concluded that, compared to the previous year will increase by 19%. Approximate amount expended by Russians abroad, will be about 1.5 trillion rubles. High proportion of the payment is made occupy transactions made using plastic cards Citibank – as much as 23% of all payments with credit cards. In this case, the payments over the Internet will have 46% of all transactions made abroad by plastic cards. Most buck must in Italy, UK, USA and France.

Analysts pointed out that the last five years, the Internet payments abroad increased by half. In particular, in Luxembourg 90% of purchases are made at an online store in the U.S. and the UK, this figure exceeds 50%. Among Russians, the rise in consumer activity that is not true of other countries. Operations with plastic cards are growing, especially noticeable in the segment of payments remitted to the online stores. If the rate of growth will continue, then by 2014 online payments made outside the country, will be responsible for 50% of all transactions using credit cards.

From the research, it became clear that the United States continue to lead in terms of payments. The share of the state accounts for nearly 17% of foreign spending on the cards of the total. This can be explained by the presence in the country a large number of online stores, sends the purchased goods to many countries. About 30% of all payments made by Russian men abroad with credit cards, account for the payment of hotels. Another 30% – in U.S. stores. Females showed, reflecting the cost of shopping statistics are much higher. If you take the overall figures for the volume of payments made by the female sex, over five years, they have doubled and now make up 35% of the total.

Posted by Roman Mikhaelov

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