The Ministry of Finance will force Russians to pay with plastic cards

From talk to action goes to the Ministry of Finance about the boundaries of cash payments and the share of turnover of Visa and MasterCard. Experts of the Ministry has prepared a set of documents. Since January 1, 2014 is expected to ban Russian citizens pay for expensive purchases in cash, and all businesses and shops that provide any services to the public are required to establish “payment terminals.” Experts fear that such an initiative can contribute to the emergence of new types of fraud.

Since the beginning of 2014 for the purchase value of more than 600 thousand rubles. will not pay in cash. Draft appropriate amendments was published on the Finance Ministry’s website on Saturday.

At the initiative of German Gref, head of Sberbank, the debate about the restriction on the cash goes to the government about a year. Possible restrictions on the right of citizens to pay cash warned Anton Siluanov, Minister of Finance. According to him, in the shady business of our country are involved very large sums of cash. The Ministry of Finance refers to the experience of some European countries, for example, recently banned in Italy to pay cash purchase, at a cost exceeding one thousand euros.

The authors of the bill claim that such restrictions and widespread “payment terminals” ensure transparency turnover of Russian trade and service organizations. The population of such amendments will not cause much inconvenience, as they affect only a very limited number of expensive purchases. Ministry of Finance with the recalls that settlements between jur. persons cash restricted securities in 2007.

It will be recalled that the Commission on plastic cards Visa and MasterCard in the country, respectively, is 1.37% and 1.3% of turnover. In Europe on average, it is 0.9% and 0.7%. According to the authors of the bill, the Finance Ministry soon with representatives of these companies will be discussing how to present it is possible to reduce the commission.

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