Russian e-commerce market is growing rapidly

Russian e-commerce market is growing rapidly

At a recent conference, to discuss the prospects of e-commerce in Russia, one of the leaders of PayU A. Kulebyakin has forecast that the market will grow by 26% in comparison with 2011. In absolute numbers, online payments in Russia will take to the amount of 390 billion rubles. In 2013, growth will happen next in this segment up to 480 billion rubles

At the moment, more than half of Internet users in Russia make online payments. Of these, almost 75% spend their money on purchases at online stores. The rest buy tickets and pay for services. Many users have long enjoyed the services that provide various payment systems. Almost 40% of active buyers made the first payments online 2-3 years ago.

If we consider the situation in some regions, the leader in online shopping are the residents of St. Petersburg (40% of users), followed by Moscow and Novosibirsk (33%), Rostov-on-Don (32%) and Nizhny Novgorod (30% ). Bank cards to pay for goods and services on the Internet prefer to use 23% of users. Internet banking – 12%. It should be noted that the plastic card Visa Electron and Maestro significantly increased the number of online transactions for the first six months of 2012 (150% and 250%, respectively).

The growing popularity of online payment experts associated with the release of the special bank cards that allow payments online. These cards are provided with codes CVV2 or CVC2. The development of electronic payments in Russia promotes competition between online stores. In the end, the consumer wins. Online payment – a handy tool. More and more users are embracing the opportunity to save their time. Online stores have to expand their service capabilities to attract customers. Many sites offer a variety of tools that perform receive payments online.

The conference also touched on security of online payments, discussed obstacles to more rapid growth of this segment of the financial market, which, first of all, is the imperfection of Russian laws.

Posted by Roman Mikhaelov

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