Payment service QIWI awarded another international award

The largest payment system QIWI was awarded the international prize, which was awarded on 25 June this year the leader among organizations that assess the quality of services provided. Business Initiative Directions (BID) has awarded Russian service of high quality, which meets all the criteria required for leaders of online payments. The award is called the Gold Category of International Star for Leadership in Quality. B.I.D. – A non-governmental organization, awarded prizes for their achievements in the management of their business.

These awards are chosen organizations from 178 countries. In particular, B.I.D. awarded this award by such companies as RAO “UES of Russia”, Russian Space Systems Research Institute, Hong Yuen Electronics Ltd., as well as other well-known Russian and foreign companies.

The award was presented in Paris on 6/25/2012, during a conference to BID At a ceremony attended by Director General of the payment service Qiwi A. Agachi. They noted that such a high rating services rendered by the Russian payment system, it is not only the recognition of it as equal partners to other world leaders of instant payments, but agreed that the payment system Qiwi contributes significantly to the development of this sector transcontinental world economy. Mr. Agachi confirmed that a significant event requires the company to continually improve its level of commitment to our partners and customers, despite the fact that he is now at a high level.

This is the second major award received QIWI this year. Before this service was awarded the prize for the development of new technologies in the field of instant payments, called Florin Award. Unique technology, embedded payment system on the interaction of electronic purses, and payment terminals, was highly regarded internationally.

Posted by Roman Mikhaelov

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