Credit card market in Russia shows strong growth

The results of the use of credit cards in Russia in the first six months of this year. At the time of payment by using this tool more than 500 billion rubles. This is 36% more than last year. In the second quarter of 2012, there has been acceleration in growth (18.3%) of this segment of the financial market in comparison with the first three months of the year (15%). This data is provided by specialists from TCS. Now it is very likely that the pace of growth in the card portfolio of Russian banks this year to exceed last year’s figures. In 2011, he was almost 61.5%.

Electronic payments with credit cards show good growth. Just five banks control almost 60% of this market. While Sberbank covers one-fifth of the total market. Its portfolio has grown to 100 billion rubles. The five largest banks engaged in online payments using their cards, also included “The Messenger”, “Trust”, Alfa Bank, and “The Messenger.” One of the former leaders, the bank “East”, slightly dampen growth.

Top 10 banks in the portfolio of plastic cards in the first half of 2012

Sberbank of Russia – 99 billion rubles.
Russian Standard – almost 76 billion rubles.
VTB 24 – 42 billion rubles.
East – almost 36 billion rubles.
The Messenger – 33.6 billion rubles.
OTP Bank – 24.4 billion rubles.
Connected – almost 24 billion rubles.
Alfa Bank – almost 18 billion rubles.
Home loans – about 15 billion rubles.
Rosbank – 14.3 billion rubles.

Three banks are the absolute leaders in the credit card market. According to the experts, they’re going to double their portfolios for the year. Savings in the first half increased it by 57.2%, the bank “East” by 54.6%, and “The Messenger” by 58.6%. In rubles, this is expressed in the following figures: 36 billion rubles, 12.6 billion rubles and 12.4 billion rubles, respectively. The study found that online payments made by credit card five largest participants, cover nearly 60% of the market of plastic cards (286.1 billion rubles from 500.3 billion rubles).

Posted by Roman Mikhaelov

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