Banks want to shift the responsibility for the conduct of electronic payments on the shoulders of customers

Carl Summanen, Vice President of VTB made an offer .  He believes that it is necessary to increase the responsibility of the citizens while shopping through plastic cards, as well as in the case of online payment on the Internet. Now our country has laws that shift the responsibility for wrong actions at remote customer service by banks. According to him, the client should be fully accountable for their actions.

This proposal is made because of the entry into force of the law “On the national payment system.” Clients have the right to cancel the payment, and even before the bank will report the information that someone used their account for fraud. With the introduction of new rules of the Act, the fraudsters have a great opportunity to withdraw money, and then say that they were stolen. The bank will be forced to return the money to the client and then to understand: what really happened.

However, the regulation of e-commerce should not be too hard. There is now a system, according to Mr. Summanen, not very convenient for customers. They should be able to quickly and easily open an account or make online payments in real-time. He was confident that with respect to electronic payments to be introduced is a minimum security below which can not fall any different payment system, no banks. For additional security during online payments population, the banker offered to charge money, but it should depend exclusively on the customer. In the event of a client from such “imposed” measures, it must take full responsibility for their actions, which can lead to the loss of his money.

Posted by Roman Mikhaelov

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